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Madison – Today, the Wisconsin State Assembly is debating the 2019-2021 state budget. After hours of debate, the Assembly will vote on the budget as it has been amended by the Joint Finance Committee and Assembly leadership. Representative Dave Considine (D-Baraboo) offered these statements on the proceedings:

“Today the Assembly session began as it always does, with the Pledge of Allegiance. The final three words of this are ‘justice for all.’ I have been thinking about those three words a lot lately as we have debated the merits of the budget.

“When I discuss the budget with constituents, I hear their message clearly. Justice for students means leveling the playing field between rural, urban, and suburban schools. Justice for families means an affordable healthcare system, so one doesn’t have to choose between food or medicine. Finally, justice for our tourist economy, our state debt, and our local businesses means fixing our crumbling roads so they are at the very least drivable.

“Justice for all means everyone. I believe that Governor Evers’ budget provided this. Unfortunately we’ll vote today on a budget that will show less justice to the most needy among us. This amended version is a missed opportunity to justly fund our schools, healthcare systems, and roads. It is my hope that as we prepare to vote in the next few hours, all of my colleagues will think about what ‘justice for all’ really means. I hope that they come to the same conclusion that I have, and that they support the Governor’s equitable and necessary investments in Wisconsin’s students, families, and businesses.

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