MILWAUKEE, WI – Representative David Crowley (D-Milwaukee) released the following statement after unveiling ‘The Safe Roads Save Lives Act’, leading a bi-partisan effort to increase public safety and curb the epidemic of reckless driving in the City of Milwaukee.

“Today, I introduced the ‘Safe Roads Save Lives’ Act. The bill is designed to give law enforcement the 21st century tools they need to crack down on the epidemic of reckless driving that is putting lives in danger. Specifically, it allows the Milwaukee Common Council to authorize the Milwaukee Police Department to use automated speed enforcement to hold individuals accountable who willingly flaunt our traffic laws responsible.

“A recent study found that by implementing automated safety systems, communities were able to realize 21% fewer fatal red-light running crashes and 14% fewer crashes of all kinds at intersections with traffic lights.

“With limited resources and manpower, maintaining an adequate amount of traffic enforcement becomes increasingly difficult. These automated systems save lives, make roads safer, and allow law enforcement to put their resources where they are most needed. While this bill will not eradicate reckless driving, it is a necessary step to enforce current traffic laws and ensure the safety of all drivers.”

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