Contact: Rep. Barbara Dittrich                                                                                  608-266-8551

Madison – Today, Representative Barbara Dittrich (R-Oconomowoc) shared an update including her thoughts on the progress of the Speaker’s Taskforce on Adoption.

“We have received outstanding testimony and information at each of our hearings throughout the state thus far,” shared Rep. Dittrich. “Personally, I am extremely grateful to all of the individuals and organizations that took the time to attend the hearings and testify in front of the committee, sharing their experience and expertise on this complex and difficult issue. In particular, I am thankful for all of the families who came and testified, telling us their personal stories of struggle and triumph as they sacrifice to improve the life of a child.”

“Many solid recommendations have been made by a variety of stakeholders throughout this process. I feel confident that this task force will be able to conclude in September with viable bipartisan legislation to improve the process for our vulnerable children as well as their parents and foster parents.”

“I continue to invite individuals and families that have not had a chance to testify at these hearings to share their adoption stories, including the good and the bad, via the website for the Speaker’s Taskforce on Adoption or via e-mail [email protected]. While we cannot legislate each individual case, these personal testimonies can help us gain a better understanding of roadblocks in the journey to successful permanency and how it can operate more effectively to help give children at risk the opportunity to thrive in a stable home.”

The Speaker’s Taskforce on Adoption has one final public hearing scheduled on Wednesday, August 28th to be held at noon on the campus of UW Platteville – Richland. A final informational hearing will be held in September prior to the Task Force assembling its legislative recommendations.

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