Contact:  Rep. James Edming
(608) 266-7506

Yesterday, Representative James Edming (R-Glen Flora) joined other Assembly Republicans from Western Wisconsin and area law enforcement leaders at a press conference to announce a criminal justice reform proposal and call on Governor Evers to include this plan in his 2019-21 State Budget proposal.

“A strong criminal justice system is an important part of a free society,” said Rep. Edming.  “This proposal invests more resources to help strengthen our state’s criminal justice system which will allow for fairer and more effective administering of justice for all involved.”

The initiatives that Assembly Republicans are asking Governor Evers to include in his state budget proposal are the following:

  • Ensure quicker access to a fair trial: fund new Assistant District Attorney (ADA) positions, increase pay for ADAs and State Public Defenders (SPD), increase private bar rate for county court appointments and SPD appointments
  • Expand Treatment Alternatives and Diversion (TAD) programs to help offenders who suffer from alcohol and drug issues
  • Invest in the retention of correctional officers
  • Promote the successful transition back into society through expanded worker training, reentry programs, and health initiatives

“I have heard from folks around the 87th Assembly District in all parts of the criminal justice system about the need for many of the reforms and increased investment contained in the Assembly Republican proposal,” said Rep. Edming.  “I hope to see the initiatives laid out by Assembly Republicans included by Governor Evers in his state budget proposal.”

Governor Evers will release his state budget proposal at his budget address to the legislature on February 28th.

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