Contact: Representative Staush Gruszynski

MADISON – On Wednesday, Rep. Staush Gruszynski (D-Green Bay) joined Governor Tony Evers, cabinet members, and Wisconsin citizens for the signing of the 2019-2021 State Budget. Rep. Gruszynski offered the following statement on the governor’s partial veto:

“From the start, the Governor was very clear – this state budget would be a budget by the people, for the people. While it is unfortunate that majority party legislative Republicans stripped many of the major policy priorities that Wisconsinites asked for from the budget during the Joint Finance Committee process, under the governor’s partial veto, we still have a budget that delivers more for the people than any budget in the last eight years under Scott Walker,” Gruszynski said.

“Clearly, I would have preferred to see a final budget that more closely mirrored the “People’s Budget” crafted by the governor, but I was pleased that the governor used his partial veto authority to provide nearly $100 million in additional funding for our public schools. Democrats will continue fighting for increased investments in our public schools, affordable health care, clean drinking water, and sustainable transportation funding,” Gruszynski concluded.

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