CONTACT: Rep. Rick Gundrum (608) 264-8486

Madison – After listening to Governor Tony Evers outline the priorities of his first budget, Representative Rick Gundrum (R-Slinger) issued the following statement:

“I entered the Assembly chamber this evening cautiously optimistic that Governor Evers would honor his promise to work in a bipartisan fashion with legislative Republicans. As the Governor began to outline his budget proposal, it became quite apparent that his promise was insincere at best. The record amount of new government spending and the divisive measures he has proposed are very concerning.

Though we have divided government, this is not an excuse for inaction. Due to the responsible financial oversight of the past eight years, we are in a healthier position to invest in the priorities we all share. That being said, this does not mean we should go back to the days of eagerly hunting for new ways to spend tax dollars.

The budget proposal is intended to address fiscal criteria and is not the place for the political grandstanding that divides our state on issues like redistricting or the legalization of recreational marijuana.

I was relieved to hear that Governor Evers plans to extend the tuition freeze Governor Walker initiated for students and their families. I agree students should be able to earn a degree without breaking the bank or incurring a massive debt burden. However, I will not support Governor Evers’ plan to fund in-state tuition for illegal immigrants.

The residents of the 58th also need to be assured that I will not support expanding welfare or increasing income taxes.

As I dig deeper into the Governor’s proposal over the coming days, I will look more closely to see if there are any other areas that align with the priorities of my constituents.”

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