Bill improving flexibility in local government budgeting passes State Assembly

Madison – Today, the Wisconsin State Assembly unanimously passed Assembly Bill 193 (AB 193), authored by Representative Rick Gundrum (R – Slinger) and Senator Dale Kooyenga (R – Brookfield) to authorize political subdivisions to adopt a biennial (two-year) budget procedure.

Rep. Gundrum issued the following statement after the passage of AB 193:

“Assembly Bill 193 simply lays out a framework and establishes a procedure for counties, cities, villages and towns to voluntarily transition to a biennial budget, similar to the arrangement that has long been used at the state level.”

“The bill is really about enhancing local control and providing our local governments with added flexibility in their budgeting and financial management, allowing them to free up staff time for long-term strategic planning and enhanced program review. It’s important to note the mechanism created through this bill is optional, and all decision-making authority will remain with the local governing body, which, as we all know, is located closest to the people. This is a good bill for local government in Wisconsin.”

AB 193 will now move to the Senate for a vote.

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