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This is Representative Gordon Hintz with this week’s Democratic Radio Address

On Thursday, Republicans on the Joint Finance Committee stripped out key provisions from Governor Evers’ state budget. In one sweeping motion, they removed items that have overwhelming public support.

Despite 70% of Wisconsinites supporting Medicaid expansion, Republicans used their first vote on the finance committee to take it out of the Governor’s budget.

Apparently they weren’t persuaded by the fact that Medicaid expansion would save taxpayers $324 million dollars in this budget alone and provide affordable health care access to an additional 82,000 individuals. It would also draw down $1.6 billion dollars in federal funding.

The Governor’s plan would reinvest these federal dollars and state savings toward initiatives to improve the health of all Wisconsinites. Programs that would improve maternal and infant health, expand dental care, and increase caregiver wages.

The Medicaid expansion would also increase nursing home reimbursement rates, which are some of the lowest in the nation.

And yet, Republicans decided to turn their back on these important investments.

Take a moment to think about that – 70% of people support something that would unquestionably benefit everyone in our state. And the Republican response from Representative Robin Vos? He simply tweeted “#Never.”

Vos and his Republican colleagues in Wisconsin are quickly earning a reputation as obstructionist, do-nothing politicians.

While Republicans pursue “The Politician’s Budget”, Democrats are steadfast in their commitment to “The People’s Budget”.

Remember, the Governor’s budget was crafted by hearing from you at listening sessions around the state.

Our message to the people of Wisconsin is this: It’s not too late for Republicans to change their mind and do the right thing.

So call your legislators today and tell them you want your government to accept the Medicaid expansion.

Thank you.

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