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Moral, Fiscally Responsible Decision Rejected by GOP

MADISON — Since 2014, Wisconsin Republicans have continued to turn away Medicaid expansion despite the positive impacts it would have on our state. Expanding Medicaid would save taxpayers $324 million in this budget alone, draw down $1.6 billion in federal funds, and pour money into needed health care programs. Assembly Democrats offered an amendment to accept the Medicaid expansion and invest in health care programs, mirroring provisions from Governor Evers’ budget. Assembly Democratic Leader Gordon Hintz (D-Oshkosh) released the following statement on this missed opportunity:

“The Republican refusal to expand Medicaid continues to be one of the worst decisions our state government has ever made. There is no policy reason to turn away this funding. Instead, this is a political tactic to thwart the Governor’s ability to get a win. The fact of the matter is, the hundreds of millions of dollars in GPR savings could go toward other priorities like K-12 education, UW System, and transportation infrastructure. And the $1.6 billion dollars in federal funding could be invested in life saving programs to address critical issues like infant mortality and women’s health initiatives. With all of these positive outcomes and 70% support across Wisconsin, this decision is a gigantic missed opportunity for our state.”

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