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[Madison, WI] — On Tuesday, a Madison liberal on the Joint Finance Committee, Rep. Chris Taylor, smeared the city of Watertown during a debate on clean drinking water in Wisconsin. Taylor said that Watertown should be referred to as “Lead Poison Town,” implying that the water in Watertown has lead contamination issues. City officials there have stated that Watertown water does not pose a threat from lead.

Representative John Jagler (R-Watertown) released the following statement:

“Rep. Taylor’s criticism of Watertown’s water is all wet. It’s also irresponsible. The cases involving increased lead levels are due to lead paint and other sources and have nothing to do with the water.”

Watertown Mayor Emily McFarland said:

“Rep. Taylor’s comment is dangerously incorrect and insensitive given the founded angst across the country pertaining to lead in drinking water. The city wants residents of Watertown, and the thousands that visit our community every year, to know that our water is safe and high quality. I would encourage Rep. Taylor to contact our community if she is truly that concerned about the quality of the water in Watertown.”

Senator Scott Fitzgerald (R-Juneau) added:

“Liberals in Madison are hurling insults at Watertown while they try to score cheap political points. These attacks are totally baseless and give off a negative impression of Watertown and the people who live there. Rep. Taylor should apologize for her blatantly false remarks.”

Officials on the Joint Finance Committee have approved millions of dollars in bonding on efforts that will promote clean drinking water in Wisconsin as part of the next biennial budget.

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