MADISON – Rep. Katsma (R-Oostburg) and the State Assembly voted 60-39 to send the new two-year state spending plan to the State Senate for a vote before heading to the Governor’s desk. The 2019-2021 budget increases school funding by $500 million and provides the same per-pupil increase that the Governor proposed; invests in both the UW-System and technical colleges, while continuing the tuition freeze; and increases the funding for nursing homes, personal care workers and direct care workers without expanding welfare.

“This is truly a WISCONSIN budget that reflects the priorities of citizens throughout the state,” said Rep. Katsma. “This balanced spending plan works for Wisconsin’s children, seniors, workers and employers.”

In February, Governor Tony Evers released his plan to increase government spending by $6 billion and raise taxes and fees by more than $1 billion. Rep. Katsma and the Joint Committee on Finance voted earlier this session to remove many of the non-fiscal items that Governor Evers put in his budget.

“Instead of the liberal wish list that Governor Evers released earlier this session, the taxpayers are getting a budget that responsibly achieves their goals without raising taxes,” said Rep. Katsma.

In addition to funding taxpayers’ priorities, this bill provides a nearly $500 million income tax cut that will be aimed at the middle class, while also providing nearly $60 million in property tax relief and nearly doubling the state’s rainy day fund.

“Thanks to a great economy and good budgeting, we can continue to let taxpayers keep more of their money, while continuing to put money into the rainy day fund,” said Rep. Katsma.

This is the first budget that Rep. Katsma voted on as a member of the Joint Committee on Finance. Assembly Speaker Robin Vos (R–Rochester) appointed Rep. Katsma to serve as a member of the budget writing committee during the 2019-20 legislative session.

“It was truly a humbling experience to serve on the Joint Committee on Finance during this budget season,” said Rep. Katsma. “I want to thank Speaker Vos for entrusting me to work on a budget that continues the progress Wisconsin has made over the last eight years.”

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