Madison – Rep. Terry Katsma (R-Oostburg) was disappointed with Governor Tony Evers presenting a budget request that focuses heavily on policies that he knows won’t move forward in a Republican-led legislature. Governor Evers presented his proposed spending plan to state lawmakers in a joint legislative session on Thursday night.

“While there were many bipartisan issues that Governor Evers could have highlighted tonight, such as providing a true income tax cut for the middle class, rather than a tax shift, the governor instead decided to focus on partisan politics,” said Rep. Katsma. “I am still optimistic that there is plenty of room for compromise and cooperation with the new administration.”

Wisconsin is in a strong financial position due to responsible budgeting and a strong economy under Republican leadership. Over the last eight years, taxes have been reduced by more than $8 billion and the current budget is projected to have a $600 million surplus.

“Between the current surplus, and a projected $1.8 billion in future revenues, the state is in better financial condition than at any time in recent memory,” said Rep. Katsma. “Now is the time to keep moving Wisconsin forward, and it is my hope that Governor Evers works with the Legislature to accomplish that goal.”

As required by state law, Rep. Katsma, as a member of the Joint Finance Committee, formally introduced the governor’s request. Rep. Katsma will soon travel throughout the state with the other members of the state’s budget writing committee to gather public input for the budget.

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