Rep. Amy Loudenbeck

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Madison – Today, Rep. Amy Loudenbeck (R-Clinton) released the following statement on the Assembly passage of the 2019-2021 biennial budget:

“When Governor Evers delivered his budget address in February, he proposed $6 billion in new spending and $1 billion in tax and fee hikes to fund a massive expansion of state government. The GOP-approved budget does the opposite; it cuts taxes by more than $500 million, maintains all of our current tax relief measures, and doesn’t unnecessarily grow government.

“Governor Evers recommended numerous non-fiscal policies in his proposed budget, including automatic voter registration, freezing school choice, and increasing minimum wage in order to appeal to his liberal base. Republicans responded by rejecting over 70 policy items not related to state finances.

“Assembly Republicans set out to improve upon what was proposed by Governor Evers and reflect the priorities of the Legislature as a whole, as well as the unique needs of individual districts served by our members. This is a great budget for Wisconsin. It invests in people not programs, and focuses on areas of agreement that benefit all of our citizens.

“The budget we passed today makes significant improvements to Governor Evers’ tax and spend proposal. There are many things to be proud of in this budget including major investments in education, health care and transportation infrastructure.”

Some key areas of investment in the 2019-2021 biennial budget include:

Over $500 million in tax relief including keeping property taxes lower than Governor Evers’ proposal, and reducing income tax rates in the lowest two brackets
The largest increase of new transportation revenues in a generation, paired with the lowest bonding levels in 20 years, keeping more transportation dollars going towards infrastructure projects and not just debt service
Investing $500 million in education, including an additional $200/$404 per pupil and $96 million in new funding for special education
Providing access to affordable, high quality healthcare by investing over $150 million in caregiver wages
Increasing aids to the counties for child welfare by $30 million, as well as increasing Wisconsin Shares childcare subsidies by $77 million
Providing additional funds for worker training programs like youth apprenticeship and career technical education grants to schools
Increasing private bar rate for State Public Defender cases as well as funding pay progression and additional positions for District Attorneys
Protecting the environment through additional DNR positions and increased funding for environmental quality and water resource initiatives

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