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Madison…Today, Governor Tony Evers presented his first Biennial Budget to the State Legislature. State Representative John Macco (R-Ledgeview) released the following statement.

“The principles Governor Evers outlined in his budget proposal are dangerous and fool hearted.” said Rep. Macco. “The State of Wisconsin is historically strong and rhetoric from our executive office to the contrary places our state’s economic growth in a hazardous position.”

Governor Evers’ first budget would ramp up state spending by nearly $2.4 billion.

“His tax and spend philosophy relies on flawed Madison math. This approach will leave less money in your pocket and bigger government. Wisconsinites already have some of the highest tax burdens in the nation but clearly Governor Evers believes that you are not paying enough, spending all our surplus and raising taxes on hardworking families is not something I will be able to support.” said Rep. Macco

“Governor Evers’ says he talked to the people of the state. Well I have talked to people too. I talked to Craig, a small business owner who thinks the corporate taxes are preventing his ability to expand. I talked to Mary a resident of Green Bay who likes the ability to send her children to the school of her choice.” continued Rep. Macco

“We have come a long way and won’t move backwards. Years of prudent management and vision have given Governor Evers the best budget scenario a Wisconsin Executive has had in over a decade. I look forward to the upcoming budget process where we will work to make Wisconsin a leader in the Midwest.” concluded Rep. Macco.

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