CONTACT: Rep. Gae Magnafici                                                                         

(608) 267-2365

MADISON – Rep. Gae Magnafici (R-Dresser) voted in favor of Assembly Bill 76 which would reduce the number of hours required for Certified Nursing Assistant certification from 120 hours to 75 hours. The bill would bring Wisconsin’s certification requirements in line with federal guidelines along with other midwest states including Minnesota, Michigan, and Iowa.

“I am thrilled to vote in favor of Assembly Bill 76 today,” Magnafici said. “The long-term care facilities I’ve visited in northwest Wisconsin all say the same thing: they are struggling to find enough people to work at their facilities.”

Currently, CNAs that are qualified and working across the border in Minnesota cannot work in Wisconsin unless they satisfy the additional 45 hours of training. This bill will allow CNAs that come to Wisconsin the ability to join the workforce sooner which will help address the shortage of CNAs in Wisconsin.

“As a former nurse, one of my main legislative priorities is finding solutions to our healthcare and long-term care issues in our state,” said Magnafici. “I’m passionate about this bill because I believe it is a step toward helping long-term care facilities provide the high quality care to their patients that Wisconsin residents deserve.”

Assembly Bill 76 will now go to the State Senate where it must be passed and subsequently signed by Governor Evers in order to become law.

Constituents can contact Representative Magnafici’s office by phone at 608-267-2365 or by email at

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