MADISON – This week, Representative LaKeshia Myers (D-Milwaukee) was appointed to the Governor’s Supervision Board for Adult Offenders.  The board was created to regulate the movement of probationers and parolees across state lines.


Wisconsin is a member of the national Interstate Commission for Adult Offender Supervision.  The governor’s Supervision Board for Adult Offenders acts on behalf of the Commission.  The board will regulate effective supervision strategies consistent with public safety, ex-offender accountability, and victim’s rights.


At the beginning of the twenty-first century, over 4.5 million ex-offenders were on parole and probation with over 250,000 transferring to other states in the United States.  Wisconsin had a total of 4,768 offenders on probation and parole either moving in the state or transferring out in 2018.


Rep. Myers issued the following statement in response to her appointment, “I am honored that the governor entrusted me with this very important appointment.  Having worked in the corrections field, I understand the needs of returning citizens and the need to have strategies in place to monitor the movement and accountability of ex-offenders while also advocating for the rights of victims.  I hope to work with this board to increase awareness, improve policy and engage in dialogue that will fortify strategies to aid those reintegrating to into the general public.  There is much work to be done.”

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