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MADISON — Representative LaKeshia Myers introduced legislation today aimed at ending the sale of cats and dogs by pet stores.  In pet stores, the dogs and cats that are in the display window, often come from puppy and kitten mills that are commercial breeding facilities.  In these facilities, animals can be mistreated and forced to live in deplorable conditions.  In lieu of pet stores being able to sell dogs and cats, this legislation provides that pet stores must work with local humane societies to host adoption events in their stores.

With this legislation, Wisconsin would join California, Maryland, and New York, states that have also banned pet store sales.

Representative Myers said, “This legislation will end the puppy mill-to- pet store pipeline.  This bill would curtail the mass breeding of animals in commercial facilities.  The bill also strengthens the collaborative relationship between pet stores and consumers by allowing them to host adoption events in store and only with shelter and rescue pets.  This is most definitely a proactive piece of legislation and one that moves us in the right direction.”

This bill has garnered support from the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) and the Wisconsin Humane Society.

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