Contact: Rep. Greta Neubauer, (608) 237-9166

MADISON — On Tuesday, Assembly Republicans took up their version of the state budget, which misses out on many of the opportunities addressed in Governor Evers’ plan. Rep. Greta Neubauer (D-Racine) released the following statement:

“Last fall, the people of Wisconsin asked us to make strong investments in health care, education, transportation, and clean water. The People’s Budget responds to the reality that I see knocking on doors, at town halls, on the street, and in grocery stores. Too many people are struggling in our state, too many people going without necessary healthcare and stretching every single penny to make ends meet every month.

“This budget was built on conversations with actual people. Governor Evers listened to the people of our state, and prioritized proactive, evidence-based policies designed to build a better future for Wisconsinites. The budget Assembly Republicans passed today falls far short of the Governor’s proposal, turning this into a budget full of missed opportunities.”

DHS: The Republican budget would spend approximately $300 million MORE in state taxpayer dollars and draws down $1.3 billion LESS than the Governor’s budget.
DPI: The Republican budget fails to make the needed investments in special education by providing $509 million less than the Governor. This forces school districts to continue funding special education out of their general fund, therefore reducing their overall budget. Republicans, despite stating support for it, do not reach two-thirds funding for our public K-12 schools.
UW System: Republicans failed, once again, to prioritize UW System by spending $69.3 million less than the Governor’s proposal, providing only $13 million.
DNR: Republicans provided less funding for research than the Governor and failed to expand the well compensation program.
DOT: Wisconsin’s roads rank some of the worst in the country. That’s why the Governor proposed a smart, sustainable plan that did not require fee increases or state GPR. Republicans chose to significantly increase fees on Wisconsin drivers ($95 increase in title fee alone) while giving drivers from Illinois and Minnesota a free ride.

“I want to be clear: Even after the votes today, even after this budget of missed opportunities leaves the Assembly floor, we will keep fighting. Our priorities will not change — our shared vision for our state does not end today. We will continue to push for the policies that make Racine and every other community in Wisconsin a place where all of us can succeed.”

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