Contact: Rep. Greta Neubauer, 608-237-9166

MADISON – The Wisconsin Legislative Black Caucus’ Black History Month resolution was introduced on the floor today, honoring Black leaders from Wisconsin for their achievements. This year, the Black Caucus included Colin Kaepernick. In response, Republican Assembly Members introduced an amendment excluding Mr. Kaepernick, igniting fierce debate.

Representative Greta Neubauer (D-Racine) issued the following statement in support of the Black Caucus:

“Recognizing Black History Month as a legislative body each year is a critical step in recognizing the reality of racial injustice in our past, and those who have led in the struggle for equality. We need to grapple with these realities, and the decision by my Republican colleagues to line item veto the Black History Month resolution brought forward by the Black Caucus is shameful.

“I stand with the Black Caucus and hope our body better respects the leadership of the Black Caucus in the future.”

On the Assembly floor, Representatives David Crowley (D-Milwaukee), LaKeshia Myers (D-Milwaukee), and Shelia Stubbs (D-Madison) shared powerful words regarding the Republican amendment.

“The biggest issue that we have as a Black Caucus is people choosing to pick our views for us as black people,” Rep. Crowley said.

“It is beyond disappointing and offensive that Wisconsin Republicans are choosing not [to] respect the leadership of Wisconsin’s Legislative Black Caucus on this issue,” said Rep. Stubbs.

Rep. Myers said regarding Mr. Kaepernick, “He decided to take on ownership of a problem that he saw, which was police brutality, and the fact that we hope everyone in this room recognizes that black lives are important and yes, they do matter . . . Whether you dislike the method that he used, understand that it is a part of America’s DNA, not just African-Americans. Protest: the personal ability to show one’s dissent.”

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