MADISON, WI –Governor Tony Evers and the Legislative Democrats reintroduced the Medicaid Expansion as a standalone bill today in Wauwatosa, WI. The bill, authored by Rep. Daniel Riemer (D-Milwaukee) and Sen. Jon Erpenbach (D-Middleton), continues the fight for affordable, accessible healthcare in Wisconsin. Rep. Greta Neubauer (D-Racine) issued the following statement in support:

“Completing the Medicaid expansion is the best way to expand access to affordable healthcare for all Wisconsinites,” Neubauer said. “We can lower private health insurance premiums by 7 to 11%. We can save $324 million in taxpayer money and invest it in programs that help Wisconsinites to get better care. We can stop sending $2 billion out of state to subsidize other Medicaid programs. And we can cover more people. Expanding Medicaid is fiscally and morally the right thing to do — that’s why 70% of Wisconsinites support the Medicaid expansion.”

“Right now, we are giving money away to other states that should be invested in the people of Wisconsin.,” Neubauer continued. “The Governor and the Legislative Democrats are listening to the people and continuing the fight for affordable, accessible healthcare and the Medicaid expansion. We are committed to expanding Medicaid, so Wisconsinites can get the best health care possible while getting the most out of every taxpayer dollar.”

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