MADISON – Rep. Oldenburg (Viroqua) had the honor of hosting Chief Russ Cornford, of the Coon Valley Fire Department, at the Capitol on October 10, 2019. While Chief Cornford was at the Capitol Rep. Oldenburg presented him with the “First Responder of the Year” award.

“Chief Cornford has humbly served Coon Valley and the surrounding area for 40 years, and has been fire chief for 38 years. When I went to his shop in Coon Valley to ask if he could attend this ceremony, he told be me that everything they do is a team effort,” said Rep. Oldenburg. “I look up to all first responders who sacrifice their time to protect and serve their communities.”

Chief Cornford, and more than 100 other first responders from around the state, were honored with this important award. Along with the first ever First Responder of the Year Program, the Assembly passed Assembly Joint Resolution 85 which declares October 28, 2019, First Responders Appreciation Day. The Assembly also passed Assembly Bill 469 that creates a nonrefundable tax credit for volunteer fire fighters and emergency responders.

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