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Madison… On Tuesday, Rep. Jon Plumer (R-Lodi) voted “yes” on Assembly Bill 1 (AB 1) in the State Assembly. He also gave his maiden speech on the Assembly floor urging his colleagues to vote yes to protect Wisconsinites with preexisting conditions. AB 1 is being referred to as the “Preexisting Condition Guaranteed Coverage Act”.

This bill ensures that regardless of what happens in Washington D.C., everyone in Wisconsin who has a preexisting condition will be guaranteed insurance coverage. AB 1 prohibits anyone with a preexisting condition from being denied a health insurance policy; prohibits denying those patients from receiving care to treat their condition; and finally, ensures against patients being charged a higher premium because of their preexisting condition.

Rep. Plumer commented, “Over 850,000 people in Wisconsin have a preexisting condition. That number includes me personally, my friends, my family, and my constituents in the 42nd Assembly District. Healthcare is, without a doubt, the top issue I hear about. I knew when I came to Madison that we had some work to do to make sure that no one in Wisconsin is ever denied coverage based on their preexisting condition and that is what we did yesterday. I encourage the State Senate and Governor Evers to support AB 1 and provide people across this state with the peace of mind that their families are covered no matter what.”

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