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MADISON- State Representative Timothy Ramthun (R-Campbellsport) issued the following statement in response to the Assembly passing four pieces of pro-life legislation:

“I am very proud the Assembly reaffirmed our shared commitment of protecting the pre-born today by passing crucial pro-life bills. These bills, four in total, had my full support and I was honored to vote in favor of them today,” Rep. Ramthun stated. “With Roe v. Wade still in place, any incremental progress we can make towards protecting the pre-born is necessary. These bills do just that.”

He continued, “These bills will now head to the Senate, and then to Governor Evers’ desk for signature, making their offered protections, law. I urge the Governor to honor the majority will of the people and sign these important pro-life bills into law. It is my hope that common sense and doing right will not be overshadowed by politics.”

Among the bills passed, the Born Alive Abortion Survivors Act requires that any medical provider present at the time of a failed abortion to exercise the same level of professional medical care to the surviving child as they would to any other child delivered.

Additionally, the Woman’s Right to Know Act ensures that any woman who is prescribed an abortion pill regimen understands that she may still be able to save her baby, even after taking the first pill.

The Sex Selective, Genetic Disorder Abortion Ban bans abortions from being performed solely due to the race, color, sex, disability, or potential disability of the unborn child.

The final bill ensures taxpayer funds will not subsidize abortion providers in any way.

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