MADISON- State Representative Timothy Ramthun (R-Campbellsport) issued the following statement in response to the various pieces of legislation passed during today’s Assembly floor session:

“What strikes me was the large amount of legislative activity that was addressed today. From joint resolutions to bills, tangible results were obtained regarding a wide variety of issues,” Rep. Ramthun stated. “Of the items passed, both joint resolutions and bills, I was directly involved in cosponsorship of many of them. Although there was one exception, I gladly supported the rest and voted in favor of passage.”

Among many others, some of the bills passed in today’s floor session included the ‘Hand for the Homeless’ package, a series of bills which seek to address the root causes of and curb homelessness in Wisconsin. In addition, Assembly Bill 24 will reform step therapy protocols, which will increase transparency and protections for healthcare patients.

After passing out of the Assembly, these joint resolutions and bills will head to the Senate for a vote of concurrence. Following a Senate vote, they will head to the Governor’s desk for signature into law. “I now look to the Senate to follow the Assembly’s lead so today’s legislation may move to the Governor’s desk for signature into law,” Rep. Ramthun added.

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