FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                                                               February 28, 2019

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Rodriguez Disappointed with Governor’s Budget Request

So-called “People’s Budget” Leaves Many Behind


MADISON – State Representative Jessie Rodriguez, R-Oak Creek, expressed concern following Gov. Evers first ever budget address. The governor unveiled his budget request before a joint session of the Wisconsin State Legislature Thursday evening.


“It is clear that Gov. Evers’ commitment to bipartisanship that he promised less than a month ago rings hollow. His budget includes billions in new spending, raises taxes on hardworking families and drastically grows the size of government. This budget is anything but bipartisan and ignores those outside of Milwaukee and Madison,” said Rodriguez.


The governor’s proposal includes increased funding for government welfare programs, significant tax hikes on small businesses, agriculture and manufacturers, in addition to increases in property taxes.


“Over the last eight years, Republicans have reduced the tax burden in Wisconsin but we still rank high for overall taxes,” said Rodriguez. “Gov. Evers is already breaking his campaign promise to not raise taxes. We are opposed to his tax increases.”


The proposal also includes increased funding for schools by restoring the state commitment to two-thirds funding that was eliminated under Democratic Gov. Jim Doyle and freezing enrollment in the school choice program. The request would also suspend the creation of new charter schools.


“In the last budget, Republicans made historic investments in K12 education and we remain committed to providing schools with necessary resources,” said Rodriguez. “But when it comes to school choice we need to continue providing parents with the options that best fit their child’s needs. Parents know what is best for their children.”


While much of the budget caters to the left, the plan does include increased funding for transportation and a commitment to completing mega projects in southeastern Wisconsin.


“My constituents agree that transportation funding should be addressed and I’m committed to finding sustainable funding and cost-saving solutions,” said Rodriguez. “Addressing road funding is a concern for many but we need to be sure it is approached in a responsible way.”


Following the governor’s address, the Joint Committee on Finance convened to begin reviewing the budget. The committee will hold several hearings around the state to gather public input before members make changes.


“Now, it is the Legislature’s task to take the governor’s request and create a budget that reflects the needs of Wisconsin. I am eager to begin working with my colleagues and I hope we will find common ground as this process begins.”



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