Contact:  Rep. Michael Schraa

(608) 267-7990                                                                                              

(Madison, WI) Representative Michael Schraa (R-Oshkosh) was pleased with passage of his resolution proclaiming May as Lupus Awareness Month in Wisconsin.

“Last year, my family was unexpectedly introduced to Lupus. My youngest daughter developed symptoms of chronic inflammation and pain that resembled those of Lupus. After several tests, she became one of the nearly 5 million people around the world and 28,000 other Wisconsinites who carry this disease.

“Lupus is a chronic autoimmune disease that can damage any part of the body, though most often occurs in the skin, joints and organs of the patient. When lupus is active, symptoms like joint stiffness, pain, fatigue, confusion, or depression can make simple tasks seem impossible. Those who are diagnosed usually fall between the ages of 15 to 44, with 90% being female and 15% children. The disease is 2-3 times more prevalent in women of color.

“While there is no cure today, there are countless experts working to develop treatments for those with the disease. Experts like the Executive Director of the Lupus Foundation of America-Wisconsin Chapter who work tirelessly on behalf of patients and their families to find a cure for this mysterious disease.

“It was a special honor to have three special people in the Assembly Chamber today for the vote: my wife Christine, my daughter Annalise, and Lupus Foundation of America-Wisconsin board chair, Sarah Oberhofer.”

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