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Franklin legislator keeps campaign promise to cover those with pre-existing conditions

Madison – Rep. Ken Skowronski (R-Franklin) joined his Assembly colleagues in voting in favor of Assembly Bill 1 – bi-partisan legislation designed to protect coverage for individuals with pre-existing conditions regardless of changes to the Federal Affordable Care Act (ACA). The bill prevents insurance agencies from: denying individuals’ coverage due to a pre-existing condition, refusing to cover services needed to treat a pre-existing condition, charging a higher premium based on health status, and/or applying lifetime caps on insurance claims. Following the bill’s passage, Rep. Skowronski released this statement:

“One of the issues I hear about time and time again while talking to the folks in my district is ensuring coverage for those with pre-existing conditions. I believe that our bi-partisan vote today is consistent with the tenants of sound policy while also honoring the promises we made to our constituents on the campaign trail.

I was proud to support similar legislation last session, and to vote in favor of this idea once more this session. I am optimistic that this bill reaches Governor Evers’ desk, and am hopeful that this is just one of the many ways both sides can work together to keep Wisconsin moving forward.”

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