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Wausau –Assembly Representatives from Central Wisconsin held a press conference on Monday to announce a package of criminal justice initiatives that will improve the system from start to finish. The comprehensive reforms address concerns from access to a fair trial to re-entry into the workforce.

“This package makes our criminal justice system fairer, more expeditious, and more effective. We are keeping our communities safe, while ensuring that reentry is successful,” Rep. Spiros said.

Assembly Republicans are asking Governor Evers to include the following initiatives in his state budget request to the legislature.

· Ensure quicker access to a fair trial: fund new Assistant District Attorney (ADA) positions, increase pay for ADAs and State Public Defenders (SPD), increase private bar rate for county court appointments and SPD appointments

· Expand Treatment Alternatives and Diversion (TAD) programs to help offenders who suffer from alcohol and drug issues

· Invest in the retention of correctional officers

· Promote the successful transition back into society through expanded worker training, reentry programs and health initiatives

Rep. Krug commented, “With the low unemployment rates that we have seen for months now, it is crucial that we are supporting individuals working up to their full potential. This package helps current and former inmates do just that.”

Assembly Republicans held six news conferences announcing these budget initiatives around the state on Monday. The GOP state representatives were joined by local District Attorneys, judges and members of law enforcement who support these initiatives.

“It is crucial that we keep our innocent citizens safe and protected. By ensuring timely and fair trials, we are supporting due process rights, while safeguarding our communities,” Rep. Kulp said about the package.

“It truly is a win-win,” Rep. Snyder added. “We are encouraging an efficient court process, while providing the resources needed to help those who do end up in the system become productive members of society once they are released.”

Assembly Republicans look forward to working with the Evers Administration on the criminal justice reform package. Governor Evers delivers his budget address on Thursday, February 28th.

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