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Rep. Snyder votes to protect homeless youth and the unborn; proclaims May as Motherhood Month

Madison— The Wisconsin State Assembly convened on Wednesday to vote on several provisions including, among others, allowing minors to enter homeless facilities; four bills protecting infants and the unborn; and a Resolution to proclaim May as Motherhood Month in Wisconsin.

Assembly Joint Resolution (AJR) 41, which Rep. Snyder was one of three primary, bipartisan authors of, recognizes the contributions of mothers to our state. Following passage of the bill, Rep. Snyder said:

“Mothers play a critical role in molding our society and binding our communities together; they have a multi-faceted role as caretakers, business leaders, community advocates, and role models. Every life in our state is impacted by mothers, therefore, we are due to recognize their contributions to society.”

In addition to the AJR, several bills were passed to protect the unborn and infants including legislation that would ban abortions based on race, sex, disability, national origin, ancestry or color; require babies born alive after an abortion attempt to receive prompt care and attention, as any other baby would; require that a woman seeking an abortion be given certain information about abortion-inducing drug regimens; and prohibits the Department of Health Services from certifying abortion providers as Medical Assistance providers.

Rep. Snyder was also a co-author of a bill that would allow minors to enter homeless shelter facilities. Following passage of the bill, he made the following statement:

“Protecting children doesn’t end at birth; this common-sense legislation provides critical support for our youth. Unaccompanied youth that are, by no fault of their own, homeless should have every opportunity to succeed, just as any other child does. Allowing them to enter homeless facilities and receive homeless services, is a practical, prudent way we can offer assistance and protection for these youth. I was proud to promptly move this legislation through the Committee on Children and Families; and I applaud my colleagues for supporting this sensible legislation.”

The bills must pass the Senate before going to the Governor for approval.

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