CONTACT: Rep. Patrick Snyder (608) 266-0654

Madison… Last week Wednesday, Governor Tony Evers used his partial veto authority to delete or modify 78 provisions contained within the 2019-2021 biennial budget that was passed by the State Legislature. Following the release of Governor Evers’ vetoes, Rep. Pat Snyder made this statement regarding the changes:

“While I appreciate Governor Evers’ support of certain provisions of the budget such as funding for K12 education; increasing funding for child welfare services; and cutting taxes for the middle class, I am severely disappointed by several of his vetoes, which directly harm Marathon County.

“Governor Evers cut funding that was included in the budget that would assist Northcentral Technical College in expanding their county jail inmate training programs. The existing program has been very successful, and has benefited both inmates and our community. The expansion would have brought these benefits to surrounding communities—an opportunity that Governor Evers has ripped away.

“Additionally, I am frustrated by Governor Evers’ decision to allow Milwaukee County to continue paying a disproportionately low amount of their child welfare services compared to other counties. Our budget proposed a modest increase in Milwaukee County’s contribution to their child welfare services, so that they would be paying proportionally the same amount as other counties for their own services. Governor Evers demonstrated his priorities again by denying this reasonable request, therefore, jeopardizing child protective services in the rest of the 71 counties, and balancing Milwaukee County’s budget on the backs of taxpayers in the remainder of the state.

“Lastly, I am disappointed by his decision to delete assistant district attorney (ADA) positions for Marathon County. Our criminal justice system has significant need, and his veto put these positions in limbo. The Legislature’s budget would have guaranteed these new ADA positions for Marathon County, but his budget leaves them in uncertainty. Following this veto, I will continue advocating for these positions through the State Prosecutors Office.”

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