Rep. Patrick Snyder (608) 266-0654

Madison… On Tuesday, Rep. Pat Snyder (Schofield) voted in favor of Assembly Bill 56, the 2019-2021 biennial budget bill, which will outline the state’s spending for the next two years. Following passage of the budget, Rep. Snyder made the following statement:

“I am proud to support the budget that was passed in the Assembly tonight; there are a lot of positive things accomplished in this budget and many areas that we compromised with Governor Evers. We increased funding for K12 education, especially special education; funded a middle class tax cut; put new revenue towards roads; and continued support for our healthcare system. We accomplished this all while staying within the state’s means.

I am especially pleased by the increase in funding for our counties for child protective services; this continues to be an area of great need in our state, so I was glad to advocate for the additional $25.5M annually towards these services which was included in the budget. Also important for my area is the funding for new assistant district attorneys and the increased rate for public defenders—this funding is critical to ensure our criminal justice system is efficient and fair. Relatedly, Northcentral Technical College will see new grant funding to expand their inmate programs, which help those incarcerated in our jails to be prepared to rejoin society and become contributing members of our communities.

These are just a few of the positive supports that are contained within the budget bill for the next two years. I truly believe that this is the compromise that the people of Wisconsin are asking for, and I urge my Senate colleagues to pass the legislation, and Governor Evers to sign it.”

The budget will be voted on by the full Senate on Wednesday, before going to the Governor’s desk, who has the authority to approve or veto parts or all of the budget.

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