Madison – On Tuesday, State Representative John Spiros (R-Marshfield) joined his colleagues in approving the 2019-2021 state budget in the Wisconsin State Assembly. He is proud of his vote of support for a budget that funds the priorities of the 86th Assembly District and the entire state.


“This budget truly reflects the needs of my district,” Rep. Spiros said. “I’m pleased that we are allocating more dollars to our schools and money directly to fix our local roads. These are things my constituents have indicated are a top priority for them.”


The 2019-2021 budget passed by the State Assembly puts taxpayers first by making the largest investment into K-12 education, continues the UW tuition freeze that has helped so many Wisconsin families, funds healthcare without expanding welfare, and invests the largest increase in new transportation revenues without a tax increase. Included in the healthcare investment was a proposal put forward by Rep. Spiros that increases the reimbursement rates to nursing homes.


“I heard directly from my constituents and ensured their priorities were being heard,” Rep. Spiros said. “I heard again and again that constituents wanted more money going toward transportation without a gas tax increase. I heard that we needed more money for healthcare. I heard that people wanted us to continue our conservative spending. We did all of those things.”


The Wisconsin State Assembly is truly prioritizing the good of taxpayers with this budget. Representative Spiros was excited to support a budget that cuts taxes by more than $500 million and doubles the rainy day fund, all while making important investments in our state.


The budget now heads to the state Senate for consideration before going to Governor Evers to be signed into law.

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