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Attendees back Governor Evers’ Health Care Budget

BELOIT – Last night, Representative Mark Spreitzer (D-Beloit), along with Representative Deb Kolste (D-Janesville) and Senator Janis Ringhand (D-Evansville) hosted a town hall on Medicaid expansion. Attendees heard about the benefits of accepting these federal funds. This town hall is one in a series on Medicaid expansion across the state.

“The support we heard at the town hall last night confirms what the Marquette Poll has already told us: Wisconsinites overwhelmingly support accepting the Medicaid expansion,” Rep. Spreitzer stated. “Expanding Medicaid is a no-brainer. It will give more people access to affordable care, improve our economy, and save hundreds of millions of dollars. For Rock County alone, accepting the Medicaid expansion means we could invest $64 million more in our health care system and provide affordable healthcare coverage to an estimated 2,792 more people. In Green County, we could invest $9 million and cover an estimated 389 more residents.”

If Wisconsin were to expand Medicaid under the Affordable Care Act, Wisconsin would:

  • Provide more affordable, quality healthcare coverage to 82,000 people in Wisconsin making slightly more than $12,140 for individuals and $25,100 for a family of four
  • Leverage $1.6 billion of our federal tax dollars to make investments in our health care system.
  • Save $324.5 million over the biennium to reinvest in healthcare programs
  • The Evers Budget would use the savings to tackle the opioid epidemic, address healthcare workforce shortages, improve dental access, increase health care provider reimbursements, increase funding to long-term care programs, and provide coverage for health care services and benefits.

“Healthcare is the top priority for many people in Wisconsin. We need Republican legislators to listen to the people of Wisconsin on this important issue. It is time to stop playing politics with people’s health. I will continue to join my Democratic colleagues in spreading the word about Medicaid expansion and the positive impact it will have on our state.” Rep. Spreitzer concluded.

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