MADISON – Assembly Majority Leader Jim Steineke (R-Kaukauna) joined his state Assembly and Senate colleagues to listen to Governor Tony Evers’ budget address in a joint legislative session tonight. The budget request included numerous divisive issues that Republicans have indicated are non-starters for them.

“It’s incredibly disappointing to see that Governor Evers has once again missed an opportunity for cohesive, cooperative government,” said Rep. Steineke. “Over and over again, we in the Assembly have reached a hand across the aisle to try to find common ground. Unfortunately, we’re not seeing the same effort from the new administration.”

During Governor Evers’ first week in office, Assembly Republicans penned a letter to the new governor outlining 11 issue areas that could foster cooperation and bipartisanship. Included in these shared priorities were cutting taxes for the middle class, ensuring access to affordable childcare, and clean water initiatives. In this letter, Assembly Republicans also reiterated that increases in taxes or welfare expansions will not be successful initiatives.

“Our hard-working families from around the state deserve a governor who is willing to come to the table and work towards real solutions,” said Rep. Steineke. “Instead, Governor Evers has proposed a budget chock-full of Madison liberal rhetoric and far-left ideals.”

The governor’s request now will be reviewed by the state’s budget-writing committee, the Joint Committee on Finance. The committee will hold listening sessions around the state to ensure they put together a budget that reflects the values and priorities of all of Wisconsin.

“As the finance committee gets to work on the budget, I look forward to traveling around the district to hear from my constituents about priorities in the 5thAssembly District,” Rep. Steineke continued. “I hope that Governor Evers can move past his liberal wish list so we together can keep moving Wisconsin forward.”

Constituents can contact Rep. Steineke by emailing or calling (608) 266-2401.

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