MADISON – Assembly Majority Leader Jim Steineke (R-Kaukauna) was joined by Representative Pat Snyder (R-Schofield) on this week’s episode of The Right Angle, the Assembly Republican podcast, for a conversation on homelessness in Wisconsin. Having both worked on homelessness issues and legislation for years, the discussion centered around what homelessness looks like throughout the state, what has been done in recent years, and what are the next steps in addressing the issue.

“Pat was part of our initial group of legislators in 2017 to really put his name behind the issue of homelessness and take it on,” said Rep. Steineke. “Sitting down for a conversation about a topic that Pat is not only passionate about, but also incredibly knowledgeable, was a great way to continue shining light on the issue.”

The topic was a timely one, as last week the Assembly proclaimed October 10th as World Homeless Day. Following the day, newspapers across the state also ran stories about homelessness in Wisconsin, and Rep. Steineke unveiled a new webpage on legislative efforts on this issue – all efforts aimed at increasing attention to homelessness.

“As lawmakers, our first instinct is to create legislation that can make a difference for those experiencing homelessness, and we’ve done just that. Another incredibly important piece of the puzzle, though, is increasing visibility and making homelessness an issue that is on everyone’s radar,” continued Rep. Steineke. “I am proud to join Pat and my Assembly Republican colleagues in taking on that task.”

The Right Angle can be found on most streaming services, or you can visit the podcast’s front page for access to all episodes.

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