MADISON – Today, State Representative Robyn Vining (D-Wauwatosa), State Senator Dave Hansen (D-Green Bay), and fair maps advocates officially announced the introduction of legislation, Assembly Bill 303 and its companion Senate Bill 288, that would create nonpartisan redistricting reform in Wisconsin. Rep. Vining issued the following statement after the press conference today:

“We are committed to nonpartisan redistricting reform, and will continue to advocate for fair and representative legislative maps. This is a bipartisan effort – I thank my Assembly Republican colleagues for signing onto this legislation, and encourage others to follow their path.

We talk a lot around here about how “The Will of the People is the Law of the Land”– it’s inscribed on the ceiling of the Governor’s conference room. Partisan gerrymandering puts this Wisconsin value in danger because when people aren’t represented, their issues aren’t represented.

As a State Representative I took an oath, an oath I take seriously. I am not here to draw maps to protect my job, I am here to draw maps to protect the will of the people. It is my job to protect the will of the people, and that is precisely our mission with fair maps legislation.

The will of the people is the law of the land, and the voice of the people is the heart of our state. Every vote deserves equal value. The time for a public hearing on this bill is now.”

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