MADISON – Today, Friday, June 7th is National Gun Violence Awareness Day, and the weekend of June 7th – June 9th is “Wear Orange” weekend, a national and statewide movement to promote awareness for gun violence prevention.

Yesterday, Representative Robyn Vining (D-Wauwatosa) attended the “Wear Orange” weekend kickoff with Lt. Governor Mandela Barnes, Milwaukee’s Office of Violence Prevention, and community members and gun violence prevention advocates. Rep. Vining released the following statement in support of gun violence prevention and awareness:

“Gun violence is a crisis that our country is facing. Organizations such as the American Medical Association have proclaimed gun violence to be a public health issue, and the people of Wisconsin and the nation have called for this pervasive violence to end.

We must take seriously the terror our children face in our neighborhoods. Yesterday I stood with colleagues, neighbors, and Wisconsin’s children who are fighting to end the violence. National Gun Violence Awareness Day and the “Wear Orange” weekend are the latest ways that advocates are showing their support for common-sense measures to protect people throughout Wisconsin and the United States. I join them in supporting ways to ensure public safety, while also protecting our freedoms.

Far too many people – loved ones, friends, colleagues, family – have died as a result of gun violence. It is time to support real solutions to this national epidemic and protect the lives of innocent people.”

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