Contact: Rep. Tyler Vorpagel, (608) 266-8530

Madison- State Representative Tyler Vorpagel (R-Plymouth) issued the following regarding the passage of Assembly Bill 1, relating to coverage of individuals with preexisting conditions:

 “The Wisconsin State Assembly took the first step in guaranteeing that Wisconsinites with a pre-existing condition access to affordable healthcare should the Affordable Care Act no longer be enforceable.  This bill would make us no. 6 in the nation, and a leader in the Midwest to protect those with a pre-existing condition.  This has been a personal fight for me, and I’m glad to see some of my colleagues on the other side of the aisle joined me in voting for this important legislation.

 “Insurance companies denying someone a policy because of a pre-existing condition, refusing to cover services relating to that condition, or charging a higher premium based on their health status is unacceptable. When my voters sent me back to Madison last fall, one of the biggest issues I heard from people was guaranteeing that this protection did not go away.  I am proud that Assembly Republicans are following through on our commitment to make pre-existing conditions the first thing we pass this session, and I hope that Governor Evers recognizes the importance of this legislation and signs it into law.”

 Assembly Republicans prepared the linked video to outline why pre-existing conditions are important to us:

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