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Madison…Speaker Robin Vos (R-Rochester) is calling for a comprehensive package of criminal justice reforms to be included in the governor’s budget proposal. Assembly Republicans put forward these proposals at six press conferences held around the state. The reforms make improvements throughout the criminal justice system in order to make our communities safer.

“People who commit a crime must serve their time, but we also want to make sure they don’t reoffend when they get out,” said Speaker Vos. “These reforms show that we can be tough but smart on crime.”

The budget initiatives ensure quicker access to a fair trial and promote a better transition of ex-offenders back into society.

The budget initiatives include the following:

· Fund new Assistant District Attorney (ADA) positions, increase pay for ADAs and State Public Defenders (SPD), and increase private bar rate for county court appointments and SPD appointments

· Additional Treatment Alternatives and Diversion (TAD) programs to help offenders who suffer from alcohol and drug issues

· Invest in the retention of correctional officers

· Expand worker training, reentry programs and health initiatives

The proposals are already receiving widespread support. Local district attorneys, public defenders, judges and members of the law enforcement joined Assembly Republicans at the six press conferences around Wisconsin to unveil the proposals.

“Smart criminal justice reform would ease the strain on local government and better position all facets of our justice system. The Assembly GOP’s plan is a great step forward, giving counties much-needed additional resources while continuing to keep our communities safe,” said Jonathan Delagrave, Racine County Executive.

The criminal justice reforms serve as a stark contrast to Governor Evers’ plan to reduce the prison population by half. Assembly Republicans don’t support this idea because two-thirds of those incarcerated are violent offenders.

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