Speaker Robin Vos (608) 266-3387

Madison…Speaker Robin Vos (R-Rochester) released the following statement about the biennial budget that Governor Evers signed into law.

“This conservative budget crafted by the Republican legislature deserved to be signed into law, but without the political, partial vetoes. These vetoes remove dollars from important programs, give more spending authority to government bureaucrats, and allow people to cheat the system by not following the welfare reforms we passed.

“Governor Evers seems intent on trapping people on welfare. Because of his partial vetoes, he’s starving programs that incentivize work, undermining their implementation and skirting the law. We know people support drug testing and work requirements for welfare recipients and this budget ignores that fact.

“At a time with historically low unemployment and many unfilled jobs, this is merely a shortsighted, political move and an insult to the hardworking men and women of our state.

“At the very least, the final budget is no longer a liberal wish list; it’s a more fiscally responsible spending plan. I want to thank the members of the Assembly Republican caucus for their hard work in getting the budget done in a conservative way. I also want to thank our Senate Republican colleagues for working together on the WISCONSIN Budget and getting it across the finish line. Together we eliminated the $1 billion tax hike and massive spending increase. We right-sized the budget, invested in the state’s priorities and reduced taxes on the middle class.”

“Wisconsin has a good budget thanks to the Republican legislature.”

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