CONTACT: Representative John Macco (608) 266-0485

Representative David Steffen (608) 266-5840

Assembly Majority Leader Jim Steineke (608) 266-2401

Green Bay – Following numerous budget vetoes that would have aided northeast Wisconsin families, businesses, and communities, Governor Evers spoke in Green Bay today to tout a token gesture for the area. From vetoing funding for local roads and infrastructure, to removing dollars for the aging Green Bay Correctional Institution and new Assistant District Attorney positions, the governor’s disingenuous crumbs for a visitor’s center are not fooling local Assembly Republicans.

“People expect their legislators to work with each other to support Brown County. It is disingenuous for legislators to say NO to increased funding for UWGB, NO to increase funding and fix Brown Co. roads, NO to increase money for public education, NO to make our community safer by replacing an outdated and dangerous prison, NO to help our overworked District Attorneys, and NO to promoting tourism for the area. Yet when it is politically expedient, they stand and clap for a proposal they voted NO on just two months ago! Leading from the front is recognizing ideas that will advance our communities, not waiting until an idea is in the rearview mirror.” – Representative John Macco (R-Ledgeview)

“What a goofy, sophomoric display today. After vetoing our year’s worth of work on this project, Evers sneaks into town for an impromptu press conference to take credit for a project he removed from the budget just six weeks ago. While I’m glad we are getting this matter addressed, this type of petty political antic is better kept in high school class president races versus the office of the governor.” – Representative David Steffen (R-Green Bay)

“To say I am unimpressed by Governor Evers’ showing up in Green Bay today to tout $2 million for a visitor’s center would be an understatement. If he wanted to support Green Bay and northeast Wisconsin, we gave him every opportunity. Today’s showing is an insincere bid for attention. He slashed our budget that funded northeast Wisconsin priorities, and in doing so, Governor Evers turned his back on our communities.” – Assembly Majority Leader Jim Steineke (R-Kaukauna)

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