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Rep. Cabrera, Rep. Brostoff, and Sen. Larson Will Introduce Bill Package to Protect Wisconsin’s Undocumented Population

MILWAUKEE – State Rep. Marisabel Cabrera, State Rep. Jonathan Brostoff, and State Senator Chris Larson released the following statement regarding their joint “Rally for Sanctuary in Wisconsin,” at which they unveiled two new bills to protect Wisconsin’s undocumented population:

“For too long, our undocumented brothers and sisters have been demonized not just by individuals in our state and country, but by the federal government itself. Heartbreakingly, we have seen where this bigoted rhetoric has gotten us – communities are living in fear, families are being torn apart, and those individuals forced into detention centers are experiencing some of the worst human rights abuses our country has perpetrated on American soil in generations,” said Cabrera.

Continued Brostoff, “Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) is a rogue agency, and it is time that we, as lawmakers, take a stand on behalf of the undocumented population in Wisconsin. These are people who are being persecuted and abused for the supposed ‘crime’ of seeking out a better life for their families. In times like this, justice compels us to act, and we are introducing these bills in that spirit of justice.”

The two bills, LRB-3233/3 and LRB-3246/3 would, respectively, ban the use of facilities in Wisconsin for the purpose of immigration detention and halt cooperation between Wisconsin law enforcement officials and federal immigration officials on matters of civil immigration enforcement, effectively making Wisconsin a “sanctuary state” for undocumented immigrants.

“With these two bills, it is our intention to not only send a message to both the undocumented population and the federal government that Wisconsin is accepting and welcoming to our undocumented neighbors, but to also draw a clear line in the sand when it comes to standing up for human rights, dignity, and justice,” ended Larson.

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