[Madison, WI] – Gov. Tony Evers is continuing his voter suppression scheme in the 7th Congressional District as he seeks to keep a lid on rural voter turnout on April 7th. Despite promises to the contrary, he still has not set a date for the special election to replace Congressman Sean Duffy after it was revealed that the original date he set was illegal.

During his campaign for governor, Tony Evers promised that he would call for special elections in a “timely fashion” and even insisted that calling an election on a Monday during the holiday season was to “ensure the people of the 7th Congressional District have representation as soon as possible.”

Of course, Evers’ real reason was to suppress rural voters from participating in the April 7th election, which will include a Supreme Court race and presidential preference primaries. Now he intends to make clerks go through another needless additional election, even if it now means delaying the race beyond the regularly scheduled Spring election.

Given that the move would favor Democrats, media and “watchdog” groups have remained largely silent.

In response to Evers’ voter suppression efforts, the Republican Party of Wisconsin issued the following statement from Executive Director Mark Jefferson:

“Governor Evers will go to any lengths to suppress rural voter turnout in Wisconsin on April 7th, and the Wisconsin left is just fine with it. Whether it’s holding an election on a Monday over the holidays under the guise of expediency or dragging it out to late Spring, he and the Democrats are terrified of rural Wisconsin. The voters of the 7th Congressional District deserve fair treatment and honest answers from Tony Evers. They’re not getting either.”

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