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Hagedorn’s End-of-Year Fundraising Haul Surpasses Recent Campaigns for High Court
[Madison, WI] – Yesterday, Supreme Court Candidate Judge Brian Hagedorn announced his campaign has raised over $310,000 in the final six months of 2018. The announcement is a sign of a strong campaign with a message that is resonating across Wisconsin. This end-of-year haul has surpassed the top fundraising totals of nearly all recent Supreme Court candidates in the last six months of a year leading up to an April election.
With the balance of our state’s highest court at stake, April’s election will be pivotal in the battle to protect Wisconsin’s conservative reforms.
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Hagedorn Shows Strong Fundraising Numbers
James Wigderson
January 10, 2019
The next race is already right in front of us: the Wisconsin Supreme Court.
Appeals Court Judge Brian Hagedorn, a former Chief Legal Counsel for Walker, is the conservative running in the race. The liberals decided to only run one candidate this time, Appeals Court Judge Lisa Neubauer.
The bad news is, many of the political headwinds that confronted Judge Michael Screnock are still there…But Hagedorn is already showing more organizational strength than Screnock’s campaign. Hagedorn announced Thursday that his campaign has raised $310,629.58, almost three times as much as Screnock and almost $100,000 more than Justice Rebecca Dallet raised at this point in the campaign.
At stake is more than just one Supreme Court seat. If conservatives fail to win this seat, the Democrats will just be one Spring election in 2020, held at the same time as their presidential primary, from being able to accomplish all of their Progressive dreams by judicial fiat. If the Democrats gain control of the Court, they can rewrite the legislative district lines just like they have in other states. They can override the legislature and mandate school spending levels – which will mean even higher taxes. They can undo all of the reforms of the Walker era without ever having to go through the legislature.
Instead of focusing on the presidential election, everything that matters in Wisconsin is on the line right now.
Read the full write-up here.
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