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Records Show Neubauer Tried Using His Political Influence To Gain an Unfair Advantage
[Madison, WI] – Today, it was revealed that Supreme Court candidate Lisa Neubauer’s husband wrote legislation to financially benefit the couple’s business. In 2009, Representative Cory Mason introduced “Green Cleaning for a Healthier Wisconsin.” The bill, written by Jeff Neubauer, would have required state agencies to use “environmentally friendly” cleaning products like those sold by the Neubauers.
Drafting records and emails show that Neubauer wrote the legislation and personally selected the specific types of products the state would be required to purchase – products nearly identical to those supplied by their business. Neubauer also advised Mason’s staff on a legislative and communications strategy, including guidance on how to get buy-in from labor unions. At the time, the Neubauers already had over a hundred contracts with various Wisconsin state agencies. Had Neubauer’s legislation passed, the couple would have likely received significant financial gain from increased sales. As it stood, their business was already being paid millions by the state. Records show that between 2005-2017, the Neubauers were paid nearly $15 million by the State of Wisconsin for janitorial supplies and services.
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Dirty Deal – Neubauer Wrote Green Cleaning Legislation To Benefit His Company
MacIver News Service
Matt Kittle
March 27, 2019
A janitorial supplies company owned by Supreme Court candidate Lisa Neubauer’s Democratic Party power player husband could have really cleaned up — thanks to legislation crafted by the businessman.
The Jeff Neubauer-inspired “Green Cleaning for a Healthier Wisconsin” bill was introduced in 2009, not long before his wife, Lisa, a state appeals court judge, stopped listing Kranz Inc. clients on her public Statements of Economic Interests.
Jeff Neubauer, a former lawmaker and Democratic Party of Wisconsin chairman, was president, CEO and owner of Kranz at the time.
The bill, which ultimately did not make the legislative cut, mandated state and local governments use “environmentally friendly” cleaning products  in their buildings — just like the Kranz Green products Jeff Neubauer’s janitorial supplies distributor peddled. The bill could have given Neubauer’s company an unfair competitive advantage while it created another government mandate.
But Kranz Inc, it would seem, had much to gain by the legislation.
The company had 127 contracts with the state of Wisconsin alone in 2009, according to Statements of Economic Interests filed by Judge Lisa Neubauer. In 2010, the appeals court judge stopped listing Kranz’s clients on her SEI.
Documents show Jeff Neubauer’s company was paid nearly $15 million by the state of Wisconsin for janitorial supplies and services between 2005 and 2018.
Emails obtained by MacIver News Service, however, show businessman Jeff Neubauer writing and directing the legislation.
The legislation mandated the Department of Health Services to include requirements to use certain products approved by the Environmental Protection Agency, Green Seal, Inc., or by TerraChoice Environmental Marketing, Inc., under its EcoLogo standard.
It just so happened that Kranz was a provider of environmentally friendly products and processes known as Kranz Green.
The company boasted that it was “one of the first to use products and processes certified by the Greenguard Environmental Institute,” the same certification requirement contained in Neubauer’s “final language” for the bill.
“For nearly a decade Lisa Neubauer withheld the names of clients which paid her family millions; money which she then has used to fund her Supreme Court campaign,” Hagedorn campaign adviser Stephan Thompson said in a statement to the Journal Sentinel. “This raises serious ethical questions about Neubauer’s judgment. What else is she hiding? The voters deserve to know.”
Read the full write-up here.
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