[Madison, WI] – Yesterday, Lt. Governor Barnes stormed out of an interview with Fox6 News after being asked about his unpaid property taxes. The questions come after the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported last week that Barnes refused to pay his Milwaukee property taxes so he could instead buy a second condo in Madison. Barnes tried to cover up his failure to pay taxes by falsely telling the Journal Sentinel that he was on an installment plan with the city – a claim that was refuted by the City Treasurer’s Office.
See the interview and read the full write-up here or find excerpts below.
Lt. Gov. Mandela Barnes walks out on interview after unpaid property tax question
Fox 6 News
Amy DuPont
June 19, 2019
Wisconsin Lt. Gov. Mandela Barnes stormed out of an interview with FOX6 News on Wednesday, June 19 after being asked about his unpaid property taxes. Barnes called stories about his delinquent tax bill ridiculous.
On the City of Milwaukee website, FOX6 found copies of three tax bills addressed to Mandela Barnes, with two marked delinquent.
According to city records, Lt. Gov. Barnes hasn’t paid the 2018 property taxes on his Milwaukee condo. With interest and penalties, he owes $2,225.43. Barnes told FOX6 News the money was on its way.
This wasn’t the first time Barnes was late on a payment. In June, a newspaper reported that a Milwaukee municipal judge found Barnes guilty of not paying three parking tickets and fined him $108. He missed the two-month deadline to pay. Barnes paid the fine after learning the paper was looking into it.
As for property taxes, the most recent delinquent bill is due June 30.
“This is Juneteenth, and they want to talk about property taxes,” said Barnes.
The bill said Barnes’ property was eligible for foreclosure action. FOX6 News reached out to the city’s deputy treasurer. He said homeowners have to fall behind for two to three years before that happens.
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