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Dr. Bradley Boivin Condemns Recent Political Attacks on Hagedorn’s Faith
[Madison, WI] – Today, the Republican Party of Wisconsin launched a new digital ad featuring Dr. Bradley Boivin, a clinical psychologist and openly gay Christian from Nashotah, WI. In the ad, Dr. Boivin sets the record straight on the recent discriminatory allegations levied against Judge Brian Hagedorn.
Supreme Court candidate Judge Hagedorn believes in religious freedom and upholding the Constitution. Lisa Neubauer, the Liberal Left, and the media have attacked him for speaking publicly about his faith and pro-life values. The Constitution does not have a religious test for public office, yet Lisa Neubauer and her liberal allies have tried to center this entire election around Judge Hagedorn’s Christian beliefs. Dr. Boivin condemns this discrimination and intolerance against religious freedoms.
Watch the ad featuring Dr. Boivin here:
Ad Transcript (:30)
Dr. Bradley BoivinI’m a Christian, I’m conservative, and I’m gay. So I know what it’s like to fight for what I believe.
Even though our constitution bans a religious test to hold office, Supreme Court candidate Brian Hagedorn is being attacked for his Christian beliefs.
Americans have died fighting for Religious Freedom – Christians should not have to fight for the right to hold office.
Hagedorn believes in religious freedom and upholding the Constitution. Those attacking him don’t.
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