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President Trump Delivered a Visionary Plan for a Prosperous America  
[Madison, WI] — On Tuesday, in his third State of the Union address to the American people, President Donald Trump delivered his inspiring vision for a prosperous America and offered a clear path to move the country forward. After already delivering historic results during his first two years in office, President Trump once again demonstrated his unwavering dedication and commitment to American families and workers. In response, the president’s address has received widespread acclaim for its visionary call for unity, bipartisanship, and compromise. A CNN poll conducted following the address found that 76% of the viewers approved of the president’s speech.
Check out what they are saying about President Trump’s address here:
From The Hill: Three-quarters approve of Trump speech.  Roughly three-quarters of respondents who watched President Trump’s State of the Union address approved of his speech, according to CNN and CBS News polls released late Tuesday. Seventy-six percent approved of the speech in the CBS poll, with 24 percent saying they disapproved. About 59 percent of respondents to the CNN poll had a very positive reaction to the speech, while 17 percent said they had a somewhat positive reaction.
From CNN: State Of The Union Had “Wonderful Moments, Stirring Moments.” CNN’S JAKE TAPPER: “Well, he did at times during the speech. Obviously, the moments with Grace Eline, the young girl battling cancer, the moment at the end with the helped liberate Dachau and the old man who had once been a little boy, a prisoner at Dachau, obviously, these are wonderful moments, stirring moments.”
From ABC: “There Were Moments That Unified The Chamber Tonight.” ABC’S GEORGE STEPHANOPOULOS: “There is President Trump wrapping up his third speech in the House Chamber and his second State of the Union, echoing the key themes of his campaign Make America Great Again by telling the American people to ‘Choose Greatness,’ and by telling the members of Congress to “choose greatness.” He said coming in, it would be a call to unity and there were moments that unified the chamber tonight, cheering for those D Day veterans, for the first prisoners released as a result of the President’s first offender prison reform, and a sweet somewhat odd moment, the chamber singing happy birthday to a Holocaust survivor of the Pittsburgh Synagogue shootings, Judah Samet.”
From MSNBC’s Garrett Haake: The First Step Act Touted By The President In His Speech Was “Easily The Biggest Bipartisan Legislative Success Under This Administration.” MSNBC’S GARRETT HAAKE: “The First Step Act was a legit bipartisan, bicameral effort to get something done that most Americans agreed on. Easily the biggest bipartisan legislative success under this administration.”
From Washington Post: Trump delivered the best, most Reaganesque speech of his tenure. President Trump delivered the best, most Reaganesque speech of his tenure Tuesday night….From start to finish, Trump did something he rarely does: extol the virtue of the everyday American and give credit to the freedom that is our birthright.
From ABC’s Jonathan Karl: “The President And His Speechwriters Have Accomplished Something Remarkable Here Tonight.” ABC’s CHIEF WHITE HOUSE CORRESPONDENT JONATHAN KARL: “The president and his speechwriters have accomplished something remarkable here tonight – striking several themes that have drawn applause from both sides of the chamber.”
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