David James

Seven-Figure Investment by RSLC’s Judicial Fairness Initiative Overcomes Three-To-One Spending Edge by Democrat-Aligned Groups

WASHINGTON, D.C. (April 3, 2019) — National conservatives are celebrating following last night’s victory by Judge Brian Hagedorn for an open seat on the Wisconsin state Supreme Court.

“Wisconsin voters knew what was at stake in last night’s election: a choice between a liberal, activist judge who would legislate from the bench or a conservative, rule of law judge committed to interpreting the state Constitution as written,” said Matt Walter, President of the Republican State Leadership Committee.  “We have seen the Democrat socialists, led by Barack Obama and Eric Holder, try to take over state Supreme Courts in an effort to end-run the authority of state legislatures by electing activist judges to what should be the government’s most restrained branch. In Wisconsin, we identified a path to victory and invested accordingly to thwart the advancement of the radical drumbeat of socialism that has hijacked the Democrat party,” Walter added.

Judge Hagedorn’s victory comes after a $1.3 million statewide independent expenditure campaign from the RSLC’s Judicial Fairness Initiative which included digital, mail, broadcast, cable and radio. The campaign for Hagedorn’s opponent, along with Democrat-aligned groups, spent over $3.5 million on TV alone in their failed efforts.

Despite being massively outspent by liberal special interest groups supported by the Obama-Holder National Democratic Redistricting Committee, Judge Hagedorn’s victory ensures that Wisconsinites will have a state Supreme Court that recognizes and upholds the separation of powers under divided government.

Described by NBC News as “a test run” for the 2020 presidential campaign, last night’s victory also shows that Wisconsin remains a battleground state heading into President Trump’s re-election bid.

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