Senator Alberta Darling (R-River Hills)

Madison— This week, the Senate Co-Chair of the budget-writing Joint
Committee on Finance delivered the Republican Weekly Radio Address. You can
listen to the address here: https://sen08-

Hi. I’m State Senator Alberta Darling

Hang on to your wallets, here comes Tony Evers very, very expensive and
irresponsible budget. Frankly it’s really a Madison wish-list, full of tax hikes and
liberal policy that won’t move Wisconsin forward. Governor Evers claims his plan
is the people’s budget. It’s really a payback budget.
The governor wants to spend more than 83 billion dollars – six billion more than
the last budget. That equals an extra thousand dollars of spending for every man,
woman, and child in Wisconsin.

Just four days before the election Tony Evers promised to not raise your taxes. In
less than three months, he’s fully flip-flopped and broke that promise with a
billion dollars in tax hikes. Governor Evers’ plan includes the highest property tax
hike in nearly a decade, raises taxes on job creators, and hikes income taxes.
We simply can’t afford Governor Evers “spend on his friends” budget.

Thanks to Republican tax cuts and reforms, Wisconsin entered this budget cycle
with a surplus of more than two billion dollars. The governor blew through that
and more. But don’t worry, Governor Evers’ tax hikes are dead on arrival in the
Legislature. Just like when you plan the family budget at your kitchen table, we
will continue to be responsible with your money.

Republican reforms put Wisconsin on the right track. Now is not the time to go
On, Wisconsin!

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